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Want to assess dogs for work in animal assisted interventions?

Get your PADA Certification

To determine if a dog is suitable for work in AAI it has to be assessed by a certified and qualified Evaluator that has extensive knowledge in dog behavior.

Hire a PADA team

Test your own dog or, if you are an organisation, organise a test day for your clients.

Pada personality assessment of dogs

Illustration owned by ICofA

* Info pack in more languages available on the ICofA website

Hire a PADA team

If you want to test your dog with PADA, you can contact the point of reference in your country and ask if there are places available for upcoming tests.

If you are an organisation (or work for one) and would like to have the organisation's (or the clients') dogs tested with PADA, you can hire a PADA team. Also for that please contact the point of reference in your country.

You can find the overview of contact in the info pack

Hire a PADA team

The PADA roles

The PADA test is realised with a team of 3 PADA certified professionals plus at least one filmmaker. This is to make the test even more objective, having one team member focusing on the dog (Technician), one focusing on the handler (Leader) and another keeping the general overview (Evaluator). All three team members, with the support of the footages of the test, will bring together a 360 degrees sight on the test. 

Who is PADA technician?

  • The PADA technician assists in facilitating the screening. The PADA technician will execute the test with the dog. 

Who is PADA leader?

  • The PADA leader has the overall responsibility for the implementation, as well as informing the technician what and when to do the various elements.

Who is PADA evaluator?

  • The PADA evaluator must assess the dog objectively, and fill in the final form after assessing the dog live or via video. The PADA evaluator must give thorough feedback to the owner about how the dog reacted to the various moments and how the dog is assessed. The PADA evaluator makes the final decision on whether the dog is suitable for further training, as well as what type of clients he/she is suitable to work with (after the dog has done PADA and bin recommended for further training, the dog and owner must complete theoretical and practical courses and then take a practical exam together).

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