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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

Is it dangerous to coach with wolfdogs?

Regardless the fact that they are wolfdogs, any intervention with any animal requires knowledge and attention. The wolfdogs that come in direct contact with clients are certified and prepared to realise this work. Keep in mind that it is important to follow the coach's instructions on how to approach the dog, and not improvise out of own initiative. 

How do your wolfdogs know how to react on my emotions/topic?

They don't know what your topic is, neither can they define which emotion you are feeling and what is that related to. However, thanks to their mirror neurons, which are cells that allow them to feel empathy and therefore show it as well (therefore, reacting upon different kind of emotions and states of mind), they respond based on your feelings. Depending on the topic you bring with you in the office space or in the place where the session is taking place, that energy and the emotions related to it will be smelled/felt by our wolfdogs. They react on what there is, and the coach tries to understand those reactions by making the client questions. 

Why wolfdogs?

By being closer to nature due to their relatively close ancestry compared to ordinary dogs, wolfdogs have formidable communication skills and are a very hierarchic type of dog. Everything they do is related on how they would behave in their natural pack therefore all the knowledge they show, all the behaviours, are related to the knowledge they carry in their genes on how to behave in the "pack" (environment) based on their roles/character. This is a beautiful and very pure way of communication that bring precious, subtle information up. 

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