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(will be back on March 2024) Cherry Experience Training - From inspiration to own method

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

The Cherry Experience was created with and for Cherry International Foundation, an organisation known for its uniqueness in facilitating international Youth Exchanges. Since several participants ask Cherry to learn "the Cherry way", Cherry thought on creating a training using its method as an insight giver, choosing the key points of preparing and developing a youth exchange (or any other Cherry project) allowing participants to experience the Cherry way first, and then use it as inspiration for their own projects creation - hence, fully learning by doing.

The Cherry Experience was a 7 day long training, with participants coming from different European countries, with trainers Tahira Tarquini and Dorina Dimitrova. This training had as tangible result the elaboration of a Tips & Tricks Manual, from idea to execution, focusing on youth exchanges but applicable on any project setting. You can find the manual here.

Would you like to participate in it? The Cherry Experience will be held again on 16-25 March 2024. Should you be interested, contact me and I will send you the info pack and further information.

Tips and tricks manual for Youth Exchanges set up
Manual cover

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