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Available Services

Workshops (wolf)Dog Assisted Coaching

We do not offer private coaching sessions anymore.

Should you be interested in experiencing Wolfdog Assisted Coaching or to know more about it and its possibilities, you can book us for a lecture, presentation or workshop. 

Testing AAI dogs and cats

Tahira is a certified PADA professional, a scientific based test for Personality Assessment of Domestic Animals for animals inserted in Animal Assisted Interventions. The test for cats and dogs occur differently. Do not hesitate approaching her to know more about scheduled tests.

Educational programs

Through the principles of the pack, Tahira organises or co-delivers training courses or other educational programs, mainly within the Erasmus+ program. Private trainings are also possible and they are designed in a tailor-made manner.


It is possible to follow an internship at Flow. We do not have sessions, but we can organise an internship based on your education requirements in which you can experience the Flow method.

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Each of our services differ in prices. The workshops and educational courses are tailor made hence the price is discussed together with you. Best is to contact us directly should you be interested in one of our services.

The PADA tests instead have fixed prices and protocols which might differ depending on the country. 

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