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My Coaching Story

We are a "pack" made of Tahira and my wolfdogs. I actually like to use the word WE because together we make a team and together we built up Flow.

Flow was created with the idea of assisting and guiding people through the principles of (systemic) coaching by using (wolf)dogs as co-coaches. Almost literally looking through the eyes of the pack applying its knowledge in people's lives; that natural instinct of life that asks for movement, for a flow.


By introducing my first wolfdog Kira  in my other job where I work organising youth exchanges with youngsters coming from different types of backgrounds I realised that Kira was a big help to those youngsters who had difficulty to open up; she was (and still is) a bridge between those youngsters and their will to take a step forward. As simple as it might sound, it really showed me how strong and how powerful a dog presence could be related to creating a bond with people, communicating and interacting with them.

I was already aware of the numerous benefits that animals can bring when they help people rehabilitating not only physically but also emotionally, or assisting people to get through their daily lives, therefore when I started experiencing it myself with the exchange youngsters I decided that with Flow I could also give my contribution in this field.


I have a study background in Bachelor Equine Business and Economics at Van Hall Larenstein, where the element of coaching and of dealing with different clients and personalities is a daily tackled issue and for which reason I followed the Minor of Positive Psychology at Groningen University. Furthermore, when I organise International Youth Exchanges together with my team, coaching and communication techniques are applied continuously, which teaches me a lot regarding adaptability, flexibility and understanding. It is a continuous conducting process amongst the youngsters and the team. 

Courses I have followed:

  • Certified course of Dog Assisted Coaching at Pets4Care

  • Cynological Instructor's course at Happy Tails

  • Course for Pet Therapy at Happy Tails

  • Training regarding preparation of human dog teams in dog assisted intervention and therapy (Poland, subsidised by Erasmus+)

  • Wind Opleiding: Horse Assisted Systemic Coaching at Wind Organisatieontwikkeling 

  • PADA course for technician and leader

  • PADA course for Evaluator (for cats and dogs)

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