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Something else in mind?

Feel free to contact me and express your idea. I will be glad to brainstorm with you in order to find other possibilities. You will find a price indication at the bottom of the page.

A good alternative instead of a training: communication, body language, facilitation, how can all of this be connected in relation to animals? How did animals contribute to my work as a facilitator? Does a workshop must be connected to animals?


Being in contact with animals, even not necessarily liking improves life quality. It can help against stress, depression, motivation, self-esteem, decisiveness, and so much more! AAS sessions and educational programs are available at Flow.

Animal Assisted Services

Through the principles of the pack, I organise or co-deliver training courses or other educational programs, mainly within the Erasmus+ program. Private trainings are also possible and they are designed in a tailor-made manner.


Would you trust a non-licensed doctor to consult you? Or, a non-licensed psychologist to give your mental diagnosis? Should it be any different with animals who are inserted to work with a more vulnerable target group?

PADA Tests

No sitting and listening to a presentation for hours. I am very kin on the Learning by Doing method, and this is what you can expect in my lectures as well: short theory and a lot of doing!




Under the Erasmus+ program, trainings usually last multiple days. In general my training last at least 6 days long, with a program covering the entire day. 

The trainings can be of different thematics but the main core is often communication and facilitation (hence, how to be in front of a group, what to take into consideration when being a facilitator). This can also be for teachers or other professionals working with groups. 

To know which trainings I will be (co)facilitating next (or did in the past), please visit the page Examples

Cherry Experience

Animal Assisted Services

A world of possibilities within AAS. Are you personally struggling with a situation in your life or do you know someone close to you who is, and could benefit from a different approach? AAS might be a great support.


Flow also deliver lectures and workshops regarding AAS: how to insert different species, what to take into consideration, how observing behaviour is so important and more!  

I do not have standard services regarding AAS. Everything is tailor made based on the client's wishes and the possibilities around it. Feel free to contact me to know what I can mean for you in your case specifically.

therapy cat Shani
therapy chicken Rosina
therapy dog Kira


Much of what I learned regarding group dynamics and body language is thanks to my work with animals, along with the Systemic methodology, and this is what I apply in my non-animal-related work as well. 

My workshops can be about animals (especially in Animal Assisted Services) and it can be for students or professionals who work with groups or individuals to be more aware on how they use their body when passing a message across. There is a lot influencing this that usually it is not even considered which can have a tremendous impact on the person in front of you.

workshop body language
lectures animal assisted intervention


The lectures is where I add theory in the program. Everyone has their own learning style and there shouldn't be one way passing knowledge onwards. Which is why my lectures have dynamic presentations, they are to the point containing text and visual elements and there is plenty of practice for the attendees.

My lectures have so far been about Animal Assisted Services. Should you be interested having a lecture regarding communication, body language, facilitation, or another topic, feel free to contact me and we can see together what is possible. 

PADA test dogs

Personality Assessment for Domestic Animals

PADA is being used by 13 different countries and over 50 certified PADA professionals. It is a scientific-based test regarding screening the personality of an animal. PADA is currently being used a lot in Animal Assisted Services, but it is also a great test to know your animals more in depth for breeding or working purposes. 

I am certified to Evaluate cats and dogs, while some of my other colleagues are certified to also evaluate chicken, horses, farm animals. 

To know more about PADA visit the official website or check the protocol regarding the tests for each species and prices. 


On the side you can see an indication of prices based on delivered services.

To have an idea of my services you can visit the page Examples.

  • Prices are VAT included 

  • Prices might include or exclude travelling costs

  • "~" means approximately

Half day


Entire day


More days (>5)

from ~2.000€



~20€ and ~40

Approx. price per session (length of session can vary between 30 minutes and 1 hour). Price is charged based on what is needed for the session, not for the amount of time.



~100€ and ~200

Approx. price when hired to deliver a workshop for an organisation. Participation fees per person might apply as extra costs.


Up to 3 hours


Price for longer lectures will vary depending on what is required, if meals are included and other logistical matters. 


For cats

Check the official website.

For dogs

Please contact me directly.

PADA test

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