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Looking Through The Eyes Of The Pack

Our Coaching Story

Flow was created with the idea of assisting and guiding people through the principles of (systemic) coaching by using (wolf)dogs as co-coaches. Almost literally looking through the eyes of the pack applying its knowledge in people's lives; that natural instinct of life that asks for movement, for a flow.

Systemic Methodology

We are currently specialising in Systemic Coaching assisted by our Wolfdogs. Systemic coaching is often related to family constellations, however it goes way beyond that.

Certified Dogs

We work with certified dogs and abide to the the AAI regulations of ISAAT/ESAAT. They are tested every 2 years to monitor their stability in this work.

Tailored Coaching

Each session is completely adapted to you and your needs. Each person is unique and there is no session equal to the previous one.


"The Pack Carries"

Ruud Knaapen

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Dalen, Drenthe - The Netherlands

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